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Welcome to NEAOBA

The New England Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (NEAOBA) is a Organization welcoming all alpaca farms to join us. We are a non profit group that works to support farms by creating seminars, and events, to educate and promote growth.

  • Our board members can be contacted for support with farm issues and information. 
  • Communication and information via newsletters, mailings and e-mail
  • Educational seminars for members and veterinarians
  • Support of the alpaca and fiber markets with local, regional and national marketing efforts. NEAOBA gives its' members ways to connect with other alpaca farmers that help to build a community here in New England.
  • Supporting youth education


NEAOBA Farm Membership $75

NEAOBA Associate Membership $45



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The objective of NEAOBA is to promote public awareness of alpacas and to bring national focus to the Northeast as a wonderful place to raise alpacas. We are driven to educate the public, and new owners, on the care and breeding of the alpaca and promoting the healthy growth of the alpaca industry. Our goal is to provide a network of communication among the owners of alpacas whether the raising being for breeding, fiber, or companionship, 
and those researching in possible ownership.
To help those farms selling alpacas, and those purchasing alpacas, NEAOBA is offering support through membership and then mentoring. Any NEAOBA member that sells an alpaca from their farm, NEAOBA is offering an Associate membership to that new owner. The new owner will have access to information offered on the website and availability to contact any of the board seats for information which will help in support. Sellers can send the information of the purchasers to NEAOBA secretary, Linda Hettrick, email address, leolalin5@sbcglobal.net, and she will send information to the new owners along with a welcome letter.
NEAOBA members, 
when your farm sells an alpaca, to five (5) individual farms, you will receive a
2020 NEAOBA Farm membership.
We recognize your devotion to the industry and we are motivated to facilitate success for both seller and purchaser and promote the collective interests of it's members, rather than to seek financial gain.
Sincerely yours,
Lennie, Julie, Linda, Tom, Keith, Josh, Marc, Meghan & Ruthi