Shimmering Pond Farm Alpacas

Responsible Breeding - Fiber is the Future

Brian & Judy Rafferty
2103 Stagecoach Rd.Morrisville, VT 05661

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Welcome to Shimmering Pond Farm Alpacas. We are nestled on a sunny hill side in Vermont overlooking our lovely pond and beautiful views of the green mountains.

I was born and raised here in Vermont, my Husband Brian, came to VT over 20 years ago from MA. Both of us have always had a love for animals. We both grew up imagining how wonderful it would be one day having our own small farm. So it was only natural that we would come together. Our Journey together began years ago when we were first introduced to these magical soft furry animals known as alpacas. We knew at that moment that we would one day, together have a farm with alpacas and voila here we are!

Realizing that the sustainable portion of alpaca farming is not only in breeding but in developing a strong fiber market as well. We decided that we needed to learn all aspects of alpaca farming including fiber processing...We are currently processing our own fiber We skirt, wash, card & comb to produce lovely batts/tops for spinning or felting. We believe a hands on experience is the best way for us to help promote & educated the public & our clients about this unique fiber we like to refer to as nature's luxury fiber. We certainly have gained a profound appreciation for the the fiber itself that we don't think we would've gotten any other way.

Helping us to oversee our small herd is our wonderful guard llama Sienna. She does an excellent job keeping the herd safe. In addition to our alpacas & llama we also have 3 goats, several chickens, and a peacock. We both use to be involved in rescue and currently have several senior Pugs,and big ole mutt that will spend their golden years here on our farm. Of course we can't forget the kitties...what farm would be complete without a few good mousers.

We love taking care & working with our alpacas everyday. Each and every day is a new & joyous adventure.

We have other alpacas other than what is listed here. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.
~Judy, Brian & Sierra

Welcome to Shimmering Pond Farm Alpacas

***Our Farm Store is currently open most days until Christmas.***

We are a hands-on small farm, committed to the well-being of our herd and providing them with great care.

Our breeding program will focus on creating healthy and sound alpacas with good conformation, luxurious fiber, and sweet natured temperaments in a range of colors.

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals. We are dedicated to continuous support to all our clients, before & long after each sale or service. We believe our success is dependent upon our customers succeeding.