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NEAOBA Educational Seminar Series

February 11 & 12, 2017

NEAOBA Seminar Series presents

 Wini Labrecque


Dr. Stephen Purdy, DVM


Warwick Community School

41 Winchester Rd

Warwick MA 01378

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Saturday February 11th, 2017 - ALPACA FIBER

This one day workshop with Wini Labrecque will give you a better insight into the world of alpaca fiber and will teach proper skirting techniques.

The morning will be lectures covering a wide range of topics from fiber properties, evaluating characteristics, to fleece skirting, sorting and grading. Also a discussion on the overview of the current direction the North American fiber market and industry is heading

The afternoon will be hands on involving participants breaking up into teams to work through the skirting process together.  Participants are asked to bring 2 fleeces to skirt and review.  

Lunch will be provided

Time: 9am - 5pm CHECK IN AT 8AM

Price: $110 for NEAOBA Farm Member/$145 for non-member


Sunday February 12th, 2017 - NEONATAL CLINIC with WET LAB

This one day workshop is a must for anyone expecting crias!

Be prepared for the springtime birthing season as Dr. Stephen Purdy guides you through and in depth presentation of birthing, neonatology, and antibody transfer in neonates. 

Morning presentation Practical Reproduction, Considerations for Pregnancy, and Birthing.

The afternoon will be Neonatology, Antibody Transfer in Neonates, and Birthing Lab. This involves hands on training to practice normal and abnormal birthing position detection and emergency dystocia correction.  This wet lab will be utilizing cria cadavers.

For those unsure about participating in the afternoon wet lab there's the option of just attending the morning lecture.  

Lunch will be provided

Full day: 9am - 5pm  CHECK IN AT 8AM

AM Lecture: 9am - 12pm

Price for full day: $250 for NEAOBA Farm Member/$325 for non-member

Price for AM lecture only: $150 for NEAOBA Farm Member/$250 for non-member


Want to attend both days!

Price for Saturday & Sunday:$315 for NEAOBA Farm Member/$425 for non-member

Price for Saturday & Sunday AM lecture:$225 for NEAOBA Farm Member/$350 for non-member


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