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Alpaca Processing Course

June 8-June 9, 2019

At Morning Beckons Farm, we process alpacas and several other
livestock species for personal consumption as well as custom
butchering for others. We believe in processing our own meat
whenever possible and creating a variety of usable products. Our
operation uses a fair amount of commercial grade equipment, but we
have the experience to show others how to use the basics and still
get very good results.

This is a two day, “hands on” class where we will show you everything 

need to know to process your own 

  alpaca for personal use. With a little practice, you will produce
products that you will be proud to share with family and friends. You
will leave the class with knowledge and a sampling of alpaca based
products. Coffee and donuts will be provided on both mornings.
Lunch consisting of alpaca meat products will be served on both
Saturday and Sunday. Lodging and dinner will be the responsibility
of the class participants. We will provide a list of local hotels
and restaurants in advance of the class.

What we will cover in the class:

 Before slaughter




Dispatching the animal

Skinning and Dressing 

 Hanging and aging

 Meat yields


 Further processing


 Labeling and Storage

 Using more of the alpaca

 Selling meat

Course is limited to 3 farms - 2 persons per farm   

        $350 per NEAOBA farm members

        $425 for non-member farms


Deadline for sign-up is June 1, 2019

Sat. June 8 - Sun. June 9, 2019

9am - 5 pm

Morning Beckons Farm

343A Sand Dam Rd.

Thompson, CT 06277